For the suffering artist

How do artists cope with depression in a world so mundane and lacking meaning? The philosophers philosophy for meaning, whilst prophets prophesy to teach – Though in all they dance, shake and make do with the spirits in their wine glass. All those whom we label ‘sages’ or ‘intellectuals’ hide from the world aware of…

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#ATM: This Month In Art

The Vinyl Factory Present: Royi Ikeda: ‘Supersymmetry’ Date: 23 April – 31 May (Tues – Sun) Opening hours: 12pm – 6pm (free admission) Location: Brewer Street Car Park, W1F 0LA     After displaying luminous light into London’s night sky last year for his ‘Spectra’ exhibition, Ryoji Ikeda, the Japan-born artist has come with a new display, ‘Supersymmetry’, to succeed his previous…

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What If?

Nouveaux caught up with two creatives to talk about career decisions, the industry and regrets. In an industry fuelled by competition and creativity, it is never easy for individuals to gain acclaim and achieve success. As a creative myself, I can attest to the adversities one faces while trying to “make it” in the industry,…

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