Artist Profile: Ladi

“I want to create images that makes the observer go “oh” on their second look. It’ll mean nothing to those who just skim through but for the mental stimulation of those who take their time. I’m mostly influenced by photographers I follow on my social media accounts and a number of photography mentors.”    …

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When In Rome: Q&A with Autumn Naish

  Proudly from Birmingham, Autumn Naish, 21, is a painter and art student currently based in Rome, Italy. On a year abroad program, the Fine Art student is currently studying at Rome University of Fine Art before returning to her usual place of study, Birmingham City University, in the next academic year. Nouveaux caught up with Autumn for…

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Artist Profile: Odette Steele

“My work is heavily inspired by my African culture. This usually forms the basis of most of my personal design concepts, whether its pattern, technique, composition, colour etc. For me, being an African textile designer is not simply creating a generic ‘African’ print, its about movement, innovation and growth while still valuing the traditions.”   …

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