I prefer Windsor at night. When the wave of tourists have died down and the cobbled streets are empty. When lovers stroll to and fro from restaurants and the air is easy to breathe, and the old meets the new with the red and blue neon lights decorating the streets.

Above all, I prefer Windsor at night in the rain. When the wet cobbled stones reflect the jewelled-like amber street lights that melt over the pavement like drizzling spilled honey. When Windsor is nothing more than the remnant of the old times gone by, and the gargantuan castle stands rigid like a foot guard overlooking the whole town of Windsor.

Photo: Chris Omale

Think Jazz. Think of Miles Davis playing or John Coltrane or maybe Charlie Parker as soft rain falls. The type of rain that gets you wet if you try to run through it. That physics defying rain falling horizontally to reprimand those who try ruin the ambience of romance.

Albeit, all I’m essentially doing here is playing around with words and romanticising the mundane. With all the stiff excitement in the air for the impending royal wedding, it’s true to admit that today it is becoming relatively hard to move around during the afternoon in Windsor.

Photo: Chris Omale

People have swarmed in like flock; hotel rooms are booked out – from nightly havens of Harte and Garter, Sir Christopher Wren to the more modest Travelodge. The change of Guards, a ritual occasion that blocked the whole street, drumming and fancy marching to the fanfare drew the tourist crown in like bees to honey. And all of them with their lightsaber selfie sticks smiling from ear to ear at that which has become ordinary to me.

Yet, with all the hustle and bustle of the afternoon, there’s tranquillity to be found away from the castle and the pretentious hurrah of the monarchy. Every so often, I can be found walking by the serpentine Thames which flows just slightly out of the town centre separating Windsor from Eton. The serene body of water flowing and rippling as the Queen’s swans, with their cherubic beauty, swim by divinely.

Photo: Chris Omale

Though for me Windsor has lost its charm, this mystic body of water keeps me coming to satisfy my aged soul seeking serenity.

Christopher Omale
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