In what appears to be the debut single for the eagerly anticipated Marvel’s Black Panther blockbuster, ‘All the Stars’ proves to be an enjoyable track whilst its music video exhibits the richness of colour, Afrocentric aesthetics, and a dazzling Sza swirling around in an Africa-shaped orbit. 

From a seabed of bodies pushing a Moses-esque Lamar to shore and the use of multiple faces sporting a symbolic red hat, one can be forgiven for thinking All the Stars is a part 2 of Lamar and Dave Meyers’ ‘Humble’ music video. 



Nonetheless, the South Central L.A. rapper collaborates for the third time with Meyers, a music video and commercial director, to create a visually fantastic piece of work. 

With Meyers’ accurate use of colour and light in a manner befitting for the upcoming Black Panther film, the costume direction succeeds in accentuating and exploring the depth and abundance of the motherland, Africa, as well as its people. 

Black Panther hits the theatres worldwide on Friday 16th February 2018.

Timmy Odejimi
Posted by:Timmy Odejimi