The Million Women’s March took place worldwide on 21 January 2017, from Belarus to the Antarctic Circle. Madeleine Sheehan attended the march in San Jose, CA, and shared these photos.

SAN JOSE, United States –  The Women’s March in San Jose California began at 10:00am PST, where the group met at San Jose City Hall. A march then took place which ended with a rally at Cesar Chavez Plaza, San Jose. Though the march was only 0.7 miles, marchers were still making their way into Cesar Chavez Plaza past 1:00pm, which attests to the amount of people who attended.

The estimates reported number around 25,000, making it officially the largest protest in San Jose history. The total march counts of all 600+ marches in the United States are being recorded in a Google Document. Current low estimates are around 3.6 million, with high estimates at 4.5 million, making it also the largest US protest in history.

Madeleine Sheehan is an in-house Social Politics Correspondent and Sociologist based in San Fransisco, USA. 

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Madeleine Sheehan
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