Adele at long last bodes farewell with ‘25’

It’s taken a while but she’s back and Taylor Swift has gone into hiding. Chanel Kadir reviews Adele’s long-awaited album.

Nouveaux rates: 3/5 


With the announcement of her comeback – accompanied by ‘Hello’, a record smashing single and an upcoming album – Adele’s fans and the media equally rejoiced as though it was the announcement of an unexpected bank holiday.

‘25’, Adele’s third studio album, has sold more copies in its first week than any other album; a record established in its first three days of sales.

The ever-present media attention towards her widely anticipated album was not to say the least, expected. Seldom you find a displeased fan returning an Adele album to the, very rare, music shop, or more realistically demanding a refund from iTunes.

‘21’, her sequel studio album was simply a story of surviving through heartbreak; its toxicity and strings attached. From her majestical renditions to the intensity of her vocal chords (particularly shown through the overplayed ‘Someone Like You’), 21 focussed primarily on transforming pain into power.

Four years on, 25 presents the reality of finally having closure from a relationship that brought her excess fame and money, and ultimately being able to say ‘I’ve moved on’. Though, it cannot go unnoticed that it is essentially a record filled with ballads (again) bound to evoke empathy and leave you feeling heartbroken over someone you only so much know through ditty lyrics.

The first single from the album, ‘Hello’, is the introduction to the idea of cutting ties with somebody you once knew. It is, to simply put it, a goodbye song summarising all the wasteful days trying to reach someone who is no more present in your life. With it’s satirically catchy chorus – one which sent fans into a frenzy upon its teaser trailer advert – you will, unfortunately, soon find yourself subconsciously belting it out in the shower.

‘While We Were Young’ is the ‘Sweetest Devotion’ to a relationship you’ve outgrown. A relationship reminiscent of youthful love; moments of reckless callowness. It is a track adequately describing someone you love.

The standout track of the album is ‘Send My Love’. Dismissing all the tedious piano ballads, Adele provides a groove-worthy track – probably the epitome of the mainstream genre – as well as a soundtrack to drunken moments in your living room.

Each album perfectly encapsulates each chapter of the North Londoner’s life. Though, it could be said that by the time you have listened through 25, you find yourself lost in between being ready for her next story, as well as hoping for another long hiatus.

Posted by:Chanel Kadir