My work is mixed though I mainly use photography and illustration and experiment with collage and montage.

I like to concentrate on the decorative and the reoccurring themes in my work; femininity, cultural identity and pattern.

Music and nature are my big influences, but what really influences my work is my curiosities in other people and cultures, the experience of looking and those rare moments where everything seems to harmonise.   

Self-portrait. Photo: Jo Dressler
Self-portrait. Photo: Jo Dressler

Jo Dressler is a freelance photographer based in Brighton. Currently studying photography at University of Brighton, Jo is avid fan of music, light, patterns and culture. The Birmingham native focuses on details which reflect on the visuals she creates whilst each image represents a story.

Check out some of her photographs below.


All images are sole property of Jo Dressler.

An interview of Jo can be seen in an episode of Nouveaux’s interview-series, Workspace

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