Announcing its twenty-four hour party, Oval Space has pulled in legendary troops from all over the world to host a night filled with some of the best techno music.

A night of rave - Oval Space,  Hackney, London. Photograph:
A night of rave – Oval Space, Hackney, London. Courtesy:

In East London this summer, Oval Space will be throwing its longest party to date, from 23:45pm on the 1st of May; the venue will be open and partying for 24 hours. The line so far features some of the biggest names in electronic music, with Oval Space teasing us with a very special guest to be announced who is one of the world’s top DJs, producers and now label owners.

Leading the night is a man who is seen as a legend in the world of techno, Jeff Mills.

Jeff Mills aka The Wizard. Courtesy: (
Jeff Mills aka The Wizard. Courtesy: (

Djing for 34 years now, Mills started off in the Detroit techno scene (the genre’s birthplace), where the music was more futuristic and robotic with heavy, thumping beats.

Being a space enthusiast, Mills joined forces with fellow Detroit native Robert Hood to set up the record label Axis, in aim for a more minimal sound than most of the techno being produced at the time. Looking at his most recent work, the soundtrack for the 1929 film ‘Woman in the Moon’, you can hear the progression of the genre and how it has modernized.

My personal highlight of the lineup is Strahil Velchev, famously known as KiNK, a DJ/live performer from Sofia, Bulgaria, who will be playing an extended 3-hour live set.

Strahil Velchev, aka KiNK. Courtesy: - (
Strahil Velchev, aka KiNK. Courtesy: – (

Take the soul and groove of techno and house, the futurism and detail of experimental electronica and the raw energy of acid

– KiNK describing his style.


At the age of 20, KiNK was introduced to the first modular software synthesizer which allows him to turn electronic signals into sound. This is something that he is experimenting a lot with, particularly with the introduction to his new moniker, Cyrillic. The Bulgarian DJ’s new project will be first introduced to us at Dekmental Festival in Amsterdam this summer.

Dekmental Festival. Courtesy:
Dekmental Festival. Courtesy:

Joining KiNK on the bill is Oval Space regular, Matt Edwards otherwise known as Radio Slave, also doing a three-hour set.

Radio Slave is just one of the many monikers he goes by as he produces a variety of different projects. Radio Slave is his persona known for re-edits and remixes, notably melding Kylie Minogue’s ‘I Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’ to New Order’s ‘Blue Monday’.

From the home turf is James Ruskin, founder of Blueprint Records and can only be described as ‘interwoven into the fabric of British techno.’ Ruskin is responsible for most of the UK’s techno output over the past decade. Although he started off as playing house music in nightclubs, in 1994 he decided to make the move to techno producing minimal sounds in the age of hard techno.

James Ruskin. Courtesy: (
James Ruskin. Courtesy:

Finalizing the line up is Berlin’s party-boy, Fritz Zander and Icelandic producer Yagya.

Yagya is also a computer science student who likes to create atmospheric, soft music in his spare time. The young producer prefers to concentrate on natural sounds and reflect the beauty of the world through his music. FACT have described him as ‘techno’s best kept secret.’ 

Techno has never been mainstream since it’s birth and hard techno days during the 80s and 90s. You never see it in the top 40 with all the pop, EDM (bastardized techno) and house music that is played in a club. So with cool, well-known East London venues such as Oval Space, Tobacco Docks and Fabric hosting events that some of the most prolific DJs are playing at, I’m sure it won’t be long till it is. Richie Hawtin’s event Enter just proves how popular it is becoming again with the Tobacco Dock event being sold out within minutes.

This twenty-four hour event will sure be one of the biggest and best parties kicking off the summer season.


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