Straight outta Brooklyn. Photo: Timmy Odejimi

I would describe my work as not really having a consistent style, but at the same time it tends to have some form of cartoon aesthetic to it. My pieces normally often range from my thoughts, characters developed from doodles, or celebrity portraits/caricatures.” 


Alonzo Fontaine or ‘Lonz’ as he’s commonly known as is a graphic designer and illustrator hailing from Brooklyn, New York (currently resides in Birmingham, England). Alumni of Birmingham City University, Lonz is an avid fan of anime and that can be seen transmitted into most of his designs and illustrations.

Alonzo’s illustrations and designs can be found in the slideshow below.


All images are by Alonzo Fontaine and he has sole ownership.

Contact Information
Instagram: lonnyintro
Email: [email protected]

Timmy Odejimi
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